15079 of 23533,  secede_extracted.txt

The Republic of Panama seceded from Colombia in 1903. 巴拿馬共和國於 1903 年脫離哥倫比亞。

15080 of 23533,  resident_2_extracted.txt

the town's residentpopulation (= not tourists or visitors) 鎮上的居民

to be residentabroad/in the US 常駐國外╱美國

Tom's our residentexpert (= our own expert) on foreign movies. 湯姆是我們自己的外國電影專家。

15081 of 23533,  largely_extracted.txt

The manager who is largelyresponsible for the team's victory 對該隊獲勝起主要作用的經理

It was largelya matter of trial and error. 這主要是個反複實驗的問題。

He resigned largelybecause of the stories in the press. 他的辭職多半是因為新聞界的一些報道。

15082 of 23533,  platonic_extracted.txt

platonic love 柏拉圖式的愛

Their relationship is strictly platonic. 他們的關係完全是純友誼。

15083 of 23533,  ringing_1_extracted.txt

a  ringingendorsement of her leadership 對她的領導的有力支持

15084 of 23533,  shoestring_1_extracted.txt

In the early years,  the business wasrun on a shoestring. 早年,這家店鋪是小本經營的。

15085 of 23533,  excrement_extracted.txt

the pollution of drinking water byuntreated human excrement 未經處理的人體排泄物對飲用水的污染

15086 of 23533,  impinge_extracted.txt

He never allowed his work to impinge on his private life. 他從不讓他的工作妨礙私生活。

15087 of 23533,  remand_2_extracted.txt

He is currently being held on remand. 他正被還押候審。

a remandprisoner 還押罪犯

15088 of 23533,  responsibly_extracted.txt

To act responsibly辦事認真負責irresponsibly

15090 of 23533,  including_extracted.txt

I've got three days' holiday including New Year's Day. 包括元旦在內我有三天假。

Six people were killed in the riot, including a policeman. 暴亂中有六人死亡,包括一名警察。

It's£7.50, not including tax. 共計 7.50 英鎊,不含稅款。excluding

15091 of 23533,  ordering_extracted.txt

Many possible orderingsmay exist. 組合方式可能有許多種。

The successful orderingof complex data 複雜數據的成功排列

15092 of 23533,  revivalism_extracted.txt

revivalism    in architecture 建築的復古

15093 of 23533,  still_4_extracted.txt

[VN] She spoke quietly to still the frightened child. 她輕聲安慰受到驚嚇的孩子。

(figurative) to stillsb's doubts/ fears 消除某人的疑慮╱恐懼

15094 of 23533,  enormously_extracted.txt

enormously rich/powerful/ grateful 非常富有╱強大╱感激

The price of wine varies enormously depending on where it comes from. 不同產地的葡萄酒價格差別很大。

She was looking forward to the meeting enormously. 她急切期待着這次聚會。

15096 of 23533,  snub_3_extracted.txt

a snub-nosedchild 鼻子短平且上翹的孩子

15097 of 23533,  triangular_extracted.txt

a triangular   contest in an election 競選中三位候選人的角逐

15098 of 23533,  underneath_2_extracted.txt

She pulled the drawer out and examined the underneath carefully. 她拉開抽屜仔細查看底部。

15099 of 23533,  alias_1_extracted.txt

Mick Clark, aliasSid Brown 米克 克拉克,又名錫德 布朗

Inspector Morse, aliasJohn Thaw (= John Thaw plays the part of Inspector Morse) 檢察官莫爾斯,由約翰 索扮演

John Thaw, aliasInspector Morse of the famous TV series 約翰索,或稱著名電視連續劇中的檢察官莫爾斯

15100 of 23533,  comparative_2_extracted.txt

'Better' is the comparative of 'good' and 'moredifficult' is the comparative of 'difficult'. *better 是 good 的比較級; more difficult 是 difficult 的比較級。 —compare superlative

15101 of 23533,  continuum_extracted.txt

It is impossible to say at what point alongthe continuum a dialect becomes a separatelanguage. 要說出同一語言的方言差異到什麼程度就成為一種別的語言是不可能的。

15103 of 23533,  plimsoll_extracted.txt

a pair of plimsolls一雙體操鞋

15105 of 23533,  empire_extracted.txt

the Roman empire羅馬帝國

a business empire   大型企業集團

15108 of 23533, schematize_extracted.txt

schematized data 圖式化的資料

15109 of 23533,  taxation_extracted.txt

to reduce    taxation 減稅

changes in the    taxation structure 稅制結構的變化

15110 of 23533,  optional_extracted.txt

Certain courses are compulsory, others are optional. 某些課程是必修的,其他是選修的。

This model comes with a number of optional extras (= things you can choose to have butwhich you will have to pay extra for). 這一型號有一系列可供選擇的附件,價格另計。

15111 of 23533,  unleaded_extracted.txt

Unleaded is cheaper than diesel. 無鉛汽油比柴油便宜。

15114 of 23533,  rearmost_extracted.txt

the rearmostsection of the aircraft 飛機的最後部

15115 of 23533,  steady_3_extracted.txt

In trading today the dollar held steady against the yen. 在今天的交易中,美元對日元的匯率保持穩定。

15116 of 23533,  wince_extracted.txt

He winced asa sharp pain shot through his left leg. 他左腿一陣劇痛疼得他直齜牙咧嘴。

I still wincewhen I think about that stupid thing I said. 我想到我說過的蠢話時仍懊悔不已。 wince noun [usually sing.] : a wince of pain 痛得齜牙咧嘴

15117 of 23533,  curable_extracted.txt

Most skin cancers are curable if treated early. 如果及早治療,多數的皮膚癌是可治好的。 incurable

15118 of 23533,  protein_extracted.txt

essential proteinsand vitamins 必不可少的蛋白質和維生素

protein deficiency 蛋白質缺乏

Peas, beans and lentils are a good sourceof vegetable protein. 豌豆、豆莢和扁豆是植物蛋白質的大好來源。

15119 of 23533,  single_3_extracted.txt

She was singledout for criticism. 把她單挑出來進行批評。

He was singledout as the outstanding performer of the games. 他被評選為這次運動會表現最出色的運動員。 note at choose

15120 of 23533,  convalesce_extracted.txt

She is convalescingat home after her operation. 手術後她正在家休養康復。

15122 of 23533,  luxuriate_extracted.txt

She luxuriatedin all the attention she received. 她既備受關注,一路陶醉其中。

15123 of 23533,  opening_2_extracted.txt

his openingremarks 他的開場白

the openingchapter of the book 該書的第一章 closing

15124 of 23533,  outmoded_extracted.txt

an outmodedattitude 陳腐的觀點

15128 of 23533,  coin_1_extracted.txt

a euro  coin歐元硬幣

notes and coin紙幣和硬幣 see side n.,two

15129 of 23533,  downstairs_2_extracted.txt

We're painting the downstairs.我們在粉刷底層。 upstairs

15131 of 23533,  vernal_extracted.txt

the vernalequinox 春分

15132 of 23533,  boycott_2_extracted.txt

a trade boycottof British goods 對英國貨品的貿易抵制

a boycott onthe use of tropical wood 拒絕使用熱帶木材

15133 of 23533,  doll_2_extracted.txt

Are you getting dolledup for the party? 你要把自己打扮起來去參加聚會嗎?

15135 of 23533,  ration_2_extracted.txt

Eggs were rationedduring the war. 戰爭期間,雞蛋限量供應。

The villagers are rationedto two litres of water a day. 村民每天的用水量限定為兩升。—

15136 of 23533,  unfasten_extracted.txt

to unfastena belt/button, etc. 解開皮帶、鈕扣等 fasten

15137 of 23533,  culminate_extracted.txt

a gun battle which culminatedin the death of two police officers 一場造成兩名警察死亡的槍戰

Months of hard work culminated in success. 幾個月的艱辛工作終於取得了成功。

Their summer tour will culminate at a spectacular concert in London. 在倫敦舉行的一場精彩的音樂會將為他們的夏季巡迴演出畫上句號。

15138 of 23533,  manicure_1_extracted.txt

to have a manicure修指甲 —compare pedicure

15139 of 23533,  condone_extracted.txt

[VN] Terrorism can never be condoned. 決不能容忍恐怖主義。 [alsoV-ing, VN -ing]

15140 of 23533,  gravitas_extracted.txt

a book of extraordinary gravitas 一本非常嚴肅的書

15141 of 23533,  scrawl_1_extracted.txt

[VN] I tried to read his directions, scrawled on a piece of paper. 我盡量弄明白他草草寫在一片紙上的指示。

[V] Someone had scrawledall over my notes. 不知誰在我筆記上胡寫亂畫,弄得一塌糊塗。

15144 of 23533,  porno_extracted.txt

a pornomovie 色情電影

15147 of 23533,  breed_2_extracted.txt

Labradors  and other large breeds of dog 拉布拉多犬及其他大型品種狗

a breed ofcattle/  sheep, etc. 某個品種的牛、羊等

He represents a new  breed of politician. 他代表着新一類的政治家。

Players as skilful as this are a rare breed.  如此有技巧的演奏者很少見。

15148 of 23533,  rollicking_2_extracted.txt

He gave us both a rollicking.他把我們倆訓斥了一通。

15149 of 23533,  somewhat_extracted.txt

I was somewhatsurprised to see him. 見到他我頗感詫異。

The situation has changed somewhat since we last met. 自我們上次見面以來情況有些變化。

What happened to them remains somewhat of a mystery. 他們到底出了什麼事,到現在仍可以說是個謎。

15150 of 23533,  cult_2_extracted.txt

a cultmovie/ book 風靡一時的電影╱書籍

The singer has become a cult figure in America. 那位歌手在美國已成為人們狂熱崇拜的偶像。

The cartoon has achieved cult status. 這部動畫片達到了風靡一時的地步。

The TV series has a cult following among young people. 那部電視連續劇在年輕人中擁有一批狂熱的迷戀者。

15151 of 23533,  parquet_extracted.txt

parquet flooring 拼花地板 —compare woodblock(1)

15152 of 23533,  remedy_2_extracted.txt

to remedy aproblem 解決問題

This situation is easily remedied. 這種情形易於補救。

15153 of 23533,  negligence_extracted.txt

The accident was caused by negligence on the part of the driver. 事故是由於司機的過失造成的。

The doctor was sued for medical negligence. 這名醫生因為引致醫療事故而被起訴。

15154 of 23533,  red-eye_extracted.txt

We took the    red-eye to Boston. 我們乘坐夜間航班飛到波士頓。

15155 of 23533,  so-called_extracted.txt

the    opinion of a so-called 'expert' 一個所謂的"專家"的意見

How have these so-calledimprovements helped    the local community? 這些所謂的進步對當地社會有什麼幫助呢?

artists from the so-called'School    of London' 幾個號稱"倫敦派"的藝術家

15156 of 23533,  apropos_extracted.txt

Apropos (of) what you were just saying... 至於你剛才所說的…

15157 of 23533,  constructive_extracted.txt

constructive criticism/ suggestions/ advice 建設性的批評╱提議╱忠告

His work involved helping hyperactivechildren to use their energy in a constructiveway. 他的工作包括幫助患有多動症的兒童建設性地利用他們的精力。

The government is encouraging all partiesto play a constructive role in the reformprocess. 政府鼓勵所有的政黨在改革過程中發揮建設性的作用。 —compare destructive

15158 of 23533,  dupe_1_extracted.txt

They soon realized they had been duped. 他們很快便意識到自己上當了。

He was dupedinto giving them his credit card. 他上當受騙把信用卡交給了他們。

15160 of 23533,  dorsal_extracted.txt

a shark's dorsalfin 鯊魚的背鰭

15161 of 23533,  obtrude_extracted.txt

[V] Music from the next room obtruded upon his thoughts. 隔壁的音樂聲打擾了他的思緒。 [alsoVN]

15162 of 23533,  agenda_extracted.txt

The next item on the agenda is the publicity budget. 議程表上的下一項是宣傳預算。

For the government, education is now at thetop of the agenda (= most important). 對政府來說,現在教育是當務之急。

In our company, quality is high on the agenda. 我們公司高度重視質量。

Newspapers have been accused of trying toset the agenda for the government (= decide whatis important). 人們指責報章企圖替政府決定政務的輕重緩急。—

15164 of 23533,  gallows_extracted.txt

to send a man to the gallows (= to send him to his death by hanging) 把一名男子送上絞刑架

15165 of 23533,  unprompted_extracted.txt

Quite unprompted,Sam started telling us exactly what had happened that night. 薩姆完全出於主動,開始把那天夜裏發生的事一一向我們說了出來。 —

15168 of 23533,  reuse_extracted.txt

Please reuseyour envelopes. 信封請重複利用。 reuse// noun [U]

15169 of 23533,  skid_1_extracted.txt

The car skiddedon the ice and went straight into the wall. 汽車在冰上打滑,逕直撞到了牆上。

The taxi skiddedto a halt just in time. 出租車滑行了一段路後,及時停了下來。

Her foot skiddedon the wet floor and she fell heavily. 她的腳在濕地板上一滑,重重地摔了一跤。

15170 of 23533,  auntie_extracted.txt

Auntie Mary 瑪麗嬸嬸

15171 of 23533,  dial_2_extracted.txt

[VN] He dialledthe number and waited. 他撥號後便等着通話。

Dial 0033 for France. 打電話到法國撥 0033。[also V]

15174 of 23533,  flummox_extracted.txt

I was flummoxedby her question. 她的問題把我弄糊塗了。

15175 of 23533,  insufferable_extracted.txt

insufferably hot 酷熱難當

15176 of 23533,  pro_3_extracted.txt

He has always been prothe environment. 他一向支持環境保護。 —compare anti

15177 of 23533,  quintet_extracted.txt

the Miles Davis    Quintet 戴維斯五重奏樂團

a    string quintet 弦樂五重奏曲

15179 of 23533,  malted_extracted.txt

malted barley 大麥芽

15180 of 23533,  sodding_extracted.txt

I couldn't understand a sodding thing! 我他媽的一點兒都搞不懂!

15181 of 23533,  summons_2_extracted.txt

[VN] She was summonsedfor speeding. 她因超速行車被傳訊。

[VN to inf] He was summonsedto appear in court. 他被傳喚出庭。

15182 of 23533,  embroidery_extracted.txt

a    beautiful piece of embroidery 一件美麗的刺繡品

Indian embroideries印度刺繡品

15183 of 23533,  stacked_extracted.txt

a table stackedwith glasses 擺滿了玻璃杯的桌子

15184 of 23533,  botch_2_extracted.txt

I've made a real botchof the decorating. 我的裝潢工作做得實在是糟糕。

15185 of 23533,  catapult_2_extracted.txt

[VN] She was catapultedout of the car as it hit the wall. 汽車撞牆時,她被甩出車外。

(figurative) The movie catapulted him to international stardom. 這部電影使他一躍成為國際明星。 [also V]

15186 of 23533,  inheritable_extracted.txt

inheritable characteristics可遺傳的特性

15187 of 23533,  lewd_extracted.txt

Lewd behaviour/ jokes/ suggestions 粗俗下流的行為╱玩笑╱暗示

15188 of 23533,  tirade_extracted.txt

She launched into a tirade of abuse against politicians. 她發表了長篇演說,憤怒地譴責政客。

15189 of 23533,  cabin_extracted.txt

a    log cabin 原木小屋

15190 of 23533,  engrossed_extracted.txt

She was engrossedin conversation. 她聚精會神地談話。

15191 of 23533,  oppressed_extracted.txt

oppressed    minorities 被壓迫的少數群體

15192 of 23533,  uncompetitive_extracted.txt

an uncompetitiveindustry 無競爭力的行業

uncompetitive prices 缺乏競爭力的價格 competitive

15193 of 23533,  fret_1_extracted.txt

[V] Frettingabout it won't help. 苦惱於事無補。

Her baby starts to fretas soon as she goes out of the room. 她一走出房間,嬰兒就躁動起來。 [also VN, V that]

15194 of 23533,  grape_extracted.txt

a bunch of grapes一串葡萄

black/ white grapes(=grapesthat are actually purple/ green in colour) 紫╱綠葡萄see sour adj.

15195 of 23533,  lance_2_extracted.txt

to lance anabscess 切開膿腫

15196 of 23533,  hackles_extracted.txt

Ben felt his hacklesrise as the speaker    continued. 隨着那人不斷地講下去,本不禁怒火中燒。

15197 of 23533,  led_extracted.txt

a consumer-led   society 以消費者主導的社會

student-ledactivities 學生領導的活動

15199 of 23533,  soporific_extracted.txt

the soporificeffect of the sun 太陽讓人昏昏欲睡的作用

15202 of 23533,  motorcyclist_extracted.txt

a police motorcyclist駕駛摩托車的警察

leather-clad motorcyclists穿着皮衣的摩托車手

15203 of 23533,  softly_extracted.txt

She closed the door softly behind her. 她隨手輕輕關上門。

'I missed you,' he said softly. "我想你了。"他柔聲說道。

The room was softlylit by a lamp. 屋裏點着一盞燈,光線很柔和。

a softlytailored suit 一套裁剪線條很柔和的西裝

15204 of 23533,  collected_extracted.txt

She    always stays cool,calm and collected in a crisis. 她在危急關頭總是很冷靜鎮定,處之泰然。

15205 of 23533,  emblazon_extracted.txt

baseball caps emblazonedwith the team's logo 飾有球隊標識的棒球帽

The team's logo was emblazoned on the baseball caps. 球隊標識醒目地印在棒球帽上。

15206 of 23533,  lamebrain_extracted.txt

They invented some lamebrainscheme to get rich quick. 為發橫財,他們想出了個蠢辦法。

15207 of 23533,  contraception_extracted.txt

to give advice about contraception 就避孕方法提供咨詢

15209 of 23533,  partner_2_extracted.txt

Gerry offered to partnerme at tennis. 格里提出和我搭檔打網球。

15210 of 23533,  styling_extracted.txt

styling gel 定型髮膠

The car has been   criticized for its outdated body styling. 這種轎車因其過時的車身式樣而受到批評。

15211 of 23533,  ardent_extracted.txt

an ardentsupporter of European unity 歐洲統一的熱烈支持者

15212 of 23533,  bicycle_1_extracted.txt

He got on his bicycleand rode off. 他騎上自行車走了。

We went for a bicycleride on Sunday. 我們星期天騎自行車兜風了。

15213 of 23533,  coercion_extracted.txt

He claimed he had only acted under coercion. 他聲稱他只是被迫採取行動。

15214 of 23533,  unicellular_extracted.txt

unicellular organisms 單細胞生物

15215 of 23533,  unhelpful_extracted.txt

An unhelpfulresponse 於事無補的反應

The taxi driver was being very unhelpful. 那個出租車司機不肯幫忙。 helpful

15217 of 23533,  gyp_1_extracted.txt

That meal was a real gyp. 那頓飯簡直是敲竹槓。

My back's been  giving me gyp lately. 最近我的後背疼得要命。

15219 of 23533,  bust-up_extracted.txt

Sue and Tony had    a bust-up and aren't speaking to each other. 蘇和托尼大吵了一架,現在誰也不理誰。

the final bust-up    oftheir marriage 他們的婚姻的最終破裂

15221 of 23533,  futurity_extracted.txt

a vision of futurity夢幻中的未來

15223 of 23533,  scientist_extracted.txt

a research scientist從事研究的科學家

nuclear scientists核科學家

scientists and engineers 科學家和工程師

the cartoon figure of the mad scientist working in his laboratory 瘋狂的科學家在實驗室工作的卡通形象

15224 of 23533,  visual_1_extracted.txt

I have a very good visualmemory. 我過目不忘。

the visualarts 視覺藝術

The building makes a tremendous visual impact. 這棟建築物給人以極其深刻的視覺印象。

visually handicapped/ impaired 有視力障礙的;視力受損的

visually exciting 看上去令人興奮

15226 of 23533,  complicity_extracted.txt

to be guilty of complicityin the murder 犯兇殺同謀罪

evident complicitybetween the two brothers 兩兄弟間明顯的串通一氣

15227 of 23533,  constable_extracted.txt

Have you finished your report, Constable? 警察,你的報告完成了嗎?—

15228 of 23533,  diuretic_extracted.txt

diuretic drugs/effects 利尿藥╱效果

15229 of 23533,  dud_1_extracted.txt

Two of the  fireworks in the box were duds. 盒子裏的煙火有兩個是沒爆開的廢品。

15230 of 23533,  peacekeeper_extracted.txt

She's    the peacekeeper in that family. 那個家庭的糾紛都由她來調解。

15231 of 23533,  planning_extracted.txt

financial    planning 財政計劃—

15232 of 23533,  summary_1_extracted.txt

The following is a summaryof our conclusions. 現將我們的幾點結論綜述如下。

a news summary新聞綜述

a two-page summaryof a government report 一份兩頁的政府報告摘要

In summary,this was a disappointing performance. 總的來說,這場演出令人失望。

15233 of 23533,  pooh_1_extracted.txt

It stinks! Pooh!好臭!噗!

'I might  lose my job for this.' 'Oh, pooh, nobody will care.' "這下子我可能會丟飯碗了。" "嘁,得了吧!誰會在乎!"

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serendipitous discoveries 偶然的幸運發現

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She appeared unworriedby criticism. 她看上去並不在乎捱批評。

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the    abdominal cavity 腹腔

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a devoutChristian/ Muslim 虔誠的基督徒╱穆斯林

a devoutlyCatholic region 篤信天主教的地區

She devoutly(= very strongly) hoped he was telling the truth. 她誠摯地希望他講的是實情。

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[V] The  teacher clucked sympathetically at the child's story. 對那小孩講述的遭遇,老師嘖嘖地表示同情。 [also VN, V speech]

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Her offer of help was met with a sharp rebuff. 她主動幫忙,卻遭到斷然拒絕。 re∙buffverb: [VN] They rebuffed her request forhelp. 他們拒絕了她的請求,不給她幫助。

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Regular exercise strengthens the heart, thereby reducing the risk of heartattack. 經常鍛煉可以增強心臟機能,從而減少心臟病發作的危險。

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What's he witteringon about? 他在嘮叨什麼?

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What a carry-on!真是大驚小怪!

Only one carry-on    isallowed. 隨身只能攜帶一個小包。

carry-on baggage 隨身攜帶的行李

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the theory of natural selection, first propounded by Charles Darwin 查爾斯 達爾文首先提出的物競天擇理論

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You should have told me so before. 你早該告訴我的。

It had been fine the week before (= the previous week). 前一個星期天氣很好。

That had happened long before (= a long time earlier). 那是很早以前的事了。

I think we've met before.我覺得我們以前見過面。C

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an ornamentalfountain 裝飾性噴泉

The chimneypots are purely ornamental. 這些煙囪管帽純屬裝飾。